UX Design: Biases in UX Research

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What is UX and who is a UX researcher?

User experience (UX) is how a person, the user, feels about interacting with or experiencing a product.

A UX researcher understands users and learns about their backgrounds, demographics, motivations, pain points, emotions, and life goals. This research helps the researcher in designing a product.

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What is the basic concept behind UX research?

UX research focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation and feedback. Your product design should be built upon research and facts, not assumptions. UX research aligns what the UX designer thinks the user needs with what the user actually needs.

How is UX research conducted?

UX research can be conducted through interviews, surveys, focus groups, competitive audits, field studies, and so on.

Biases in UX Research

The human brain can store lots of information by creating mental shortcuts based on repeated patterns. These shortcuts allow human beings to relate and group information together for quicker processing. But these repeated patterns of thinking can lead to inaccurate or unreasonable conclusions that are biased- favoring or having a prejudice against someone or something.

Biases can seriously impact user research and negatively influence the design of our final product.

Let us look at some common biases while conducting UX research and how to overcome them.

Table 1
Table 1 (cont.)

Although having biases is normal, it’s essential to try to eliminate bias from your research process to get the most accurate understanding of your users’ needs. Knowing the types of biases that exist and how to mitigate them will help you recognize when it is happening.



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